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Hello, my name is Kay Newsom and I am The Design Diva. 

Calling oneself a Diva can't be a compliment, right? Well, it can be and it is.

Here's the scoop on Divas. There are, and was, a group of marvelous & magical women of my generation, and before my time, that quietly and sometimes not so quietly, worked to change their worlds and the outside world as well. These uniquely fabulous women made it possible for all of us to reach for our dreams. And shouldn't we do just that, even if we happen to find ourselves in the second act of life?

Divas are secure in who they are and what they know. They realize what they have to offer to others in this life. Divas are unable to see the world as mundane. Divas see magic in every thought, moment and the world around them. They could not look at life differently if they tried.

Divas have the confidence to forge ahead and to bring their dreams to fruition. Divas choose to live in the present moment because they understand the precious nature of “now”.
Join me on our Blog A diva is at home in elegant surroundings that compliment who she is and what she is about. She knows how important it is to create a comfortable and welcoming environment to promote positive energy for herself and all whom inhabit or visit her home.

Moving through her interior space with colors and furnishings that promote a feeling of well being is as important to her, as the efforts she makes in her every day routine, to look and feel the very best that she can.

The design of your interior space is an extension of your personality. It should uniquely identify who you are and what is important to you. Much as you would visit a professional stylist for your beauty needs, we are here to assist you with creating a space that is uniquely, you.

For home or office, we are here to help you. Please enjoy our site, visit often and always remember to become all that you can be on this side of eternity.

We work directly with the very best decorating resources in the
business. Ballard Designs® has an enormous selection of so many wonderful home furnishings to choose from.

We work diligently to stay informed on current trends and expand on 25 years of decorating experience. We can help you to accessorize and add flavor to your home in small or large ways.

We also offer Design Seminars and can help you to learn quickly and easily, how you can enjoy the art of decorating and bringing more life and excitement, into your home.

Check our blog often for new, informative articles & videos.

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Design, like the world around us, is always growing and changing. We strive to stay current on all of the latest design trends.
We also recognize the need for designing on all types of budgets. Often, just a few helpful tips and a small investment, can turn your space into something you welcome coming home to. We are a community for all Divas who need the dish on inventive & fun interior design ideas. We hope you will identify your “Diva Consciousness” here and visit often as we talk about Design, Style, Decor and Life.

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